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Client Testimonials

Best Agents Ever!!

Krista has been an amazing part of our purchase of our first home. From the beginning of this process Krista has been front and center. Krista has not only worked looking for the best homes to show us, but has looked out for our best interest. Krista wouldn’t show us something she knew would not be a fit for us, she took the time to get to know our taste and focused on our target area. I was surprised that after only going out once to view three condos with Krista we made an offer.

Once we made our first offer on a condo, as well as an offer on another condo, Krista takes charge and follows through on everything. Being first time buyers, this is a very intimating and overwhelming process. Krista answered all of our questions, calmed all of our concerns and made sure we knew exactly what was taking place. Krista has made this process, that is very stressful, a lot easier to go through. No matter how trivial the question Krista has an answer or finds one and relates it back so we can understand the process and not feel overwhelmed.

When we entered escrow on our future home and the all the demands of escrow, lending, and the whole process Krista explained each and every step. Krista works directly with the selling agent and fights for what is right for us. While writing our offer Krista was informed that the seller had received a letter from the HOA that the laminate floors needed to be changed due to HOA rules. Krista made sure that we had final approval on all flooring choices presented by the seller. When all flooring samples were not presented Krista worked out the disagreement on the options not presented and came to a resolution that worked out the best for us. Krista takes the initiative and solves any problems that arise before we even hear that anything took place. Krista does not let anything happen that should not, she makes sure that we are not being overcharged for services and has our best interest in mind. Throughout the purchasing process Krista makes herself available for everything, even giving her opinion on tile and carpet choices.

Now that we are nearing a closing date and the excitement of a new home in our very near future I couldn’t picture going through this experience with anyone else.

Thank you Krista for all that you have done for us!


Albert and Keith

Thank you for everything!!

We want to thank the agents at MY Realty, Yvonne and Krista, for a job well done! We had looked for a home for months with another agent with no results. Then we were introduced to Yvonne and Krista and within 3 weeks got an offer accepted! We love our new home and can't thank them enough!!

We are now referring our family and friends to these great agents!



Thanks to our agents, Krista Marvin and Yvonne Dowland

Krista Dowland was our agent when we purchased our 1st home in Anaheim California in July of 2014. At the beginning of the process, Krista met with us for a consultation and explained the process of purchasing….Which actually calmed our nerves for a moment.

When Krista showed us property, she found the perfect home for us! When it came time to write an offer, she suggested that we ask the seller to pay our closing costs. Within a couple of days, she notified us that our offer got accepted and we were opening escrow! Through Krista’s direction, we hired a physical inspection company to inspect the property. To our dismay, the property needed a lot of work. The listing agent informed Krista that the seller lived out of the area and would not do any of the work. We told Krista that after putting a 10% down payment of almost $30000 we did not have the extra money nor did we know of anyone to do the repairs needed. She said let me see what I can do…and after fighting for us, she got the seller to agree to credit us $7500 for the repairs. We thought that was great but then we found out the lender would not allow this credit for the repairs because the seller was already paying our closing costs. Krista came to the rescue, she knew of a contractor that could possible do the work for the amount credited…Krista met him at the property with our list of items that needed to be repaired. He agreed to do the work and put his invoices in escrow.

We know that if it wasn’t for Krista’s hard work and knowledge we would not be living in our perfect home!

Jessica and Veronica

Wonderful Experience

I am 30 years old and I work as a nurse. Two years ago I purchased my very own house for the time. That achievement has brought me so much pride and joy in my life. This would not at all be possible without the persevering efforts of Krista Marvin. She is not only hardworking and knowledgeable but also kind, respectful, and full of compassion.

Buying a house can be extremely stressful and often times confusing. Krista always made sure I understood every step of the process. I was introduced to a whole new vocabulary like amortization and closing costs. Krista explained everything and answered any question I had. And believe me, I had a ton. A moment that stood out to me that really showed what kind of realtor she was and more importantly, what kind of person she is was during our walk through inspection. Krista walked through the house with me and everything was fine. When we got to the backyard, Krista noticed that the patio looked like there could be a termite problem. Previously, a termite company had inspected it and said that everything was fine. Krista had her doubts. She advised me to hire another termite company to inspect the wood integrity and sure enough, there were termites. Krista marvelously dealt with this whole ordeal. She requested that the previous termite company pay for the expenses of a fumigation and replacement of the rotting wood in the patio. She informed the California Board as well when resistance was met from the previous termite company. I was amazed with everything she had done. Krista really went above and beyond. To me, that means everything.

Krista Marvin is an excellent realtor. Her determination and diligence are incomparable. She is exceptionally caring and kind-hearted. I am both proud and fortunate to have met her.


Thanks for all of the help!


I want to thank you for all of the help and compassion that you showed us during the trying time of loosing our home. You made the complicated short sale process very understandable. You explained everything to us from the beginning to the end. We were so suprised that you didn't charge us a dime and still was able to get us some moving expense money. I don't know what our family

would have done without you.

You will always be in our prayers.


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